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Alan Straughton (Presenter/Joint Station Manager)

I’m a bus driver, wedding photographer, DJ and a radio presenter. My love of music led me to doing community radio, which is why we are here now. I’m from Workington but now living in Horwich near Bolton. I have 2 children (1 of each) and 9 grandchildren, I’ve appeared on TV's The Weakest Link and The Chase.

Guy Surtees

I have loved music for as long as I can remember. I used to ‘tape’ the Top 20 then listen back, learn all the words and sing along! Towards the end of the 70’s I became interested in Punk, New Wave and then Ska and Reggae music and started my own band releasing a record at the tender age of 14. The 80’s got me involved in synthesiser music and I started recording my own songs. Country music found me some time during the 90’s and I moved to California where I played in a Country band called The Tuners. Back in the UK, singing for a living gave me a very broad taste in music and being an online trainer has made me ‘radio ready’ to take on the opportunity to be a radio presenter.

My other interests include:
Travel - Visiting different countries and enjoying their culture, food, drink, architecture and scenery gives me great pleasure and a release from everyday life. I love an adventure as well as a lazy time on the beach.
Photography - People, landscapes, architecture, abstract and live action, all give me a focus on life, I also enjoy manipulating the images on my computer.
Motorsport - I’ve watched and been involved in motorsport so some degree for a number of years, whether Formula 1, saloon cars or karting, the technical brilliance and the sheer excitement really gets my heart racing.

Emma Glover

I’m a 17 year old radio presenter and singer from Workington. I am studying to become a body piercer and work in a bar at night. I have always loved music from an early age especially Jazz and northern soul. I always focused on becoming a jazz singer because it is my favourite type of music, but now I am learning northern soul songs too.I became a radio presenter when I would always request songs on Al and Phil’s show, so one night Al told me to come on, and my love of radio came from there.

Antonia Sharples

I am a singer/songwriter from Chorley and love all types of music😊

Stuart Smith

My love of most music sets me apart from most Djs, since 1998 I've been rocking dance floors and more recently filling the airways with everything from the 50s to the modern day. I'm cheeky and opinionated but I'll give you the best time I can give you no matter what type of gig it is. I have a real passion for what I do so I hope you all enjoy.

Liam Moorhouse

As a finalist of the Uk Family Entertainer of year Award: Liam considers himself to be an entertainment jack of all trades. With his cheeky personality and quick whit, listeners should expect the unexpected.
Liam has been lucky enough to perform infront of the Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales and many other local pubs around the UK. You may have also seen Liam on tv when they're scraping the barrell to find someone to do the job. He'll do anything for a few quid.
In all seriousness, Liam has been lucky to perform round the world with his comedy, music and magic: and has been lucky enough to perform for legendary entertainers such as Sir Norman Wisdom....
And Chico from XFactor.

Yan Townsend

It all began when I stood on my toy drum, playing my toy ‘tickar’ (couldn’t say guitar at that age). Music is in my blood. I was brought up with my mum and dad’s record collection, listening to artists like Hank Williams, Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Little Richard and Marty Robbins. Music was always on around the house and if it wasn’t then my dad would be whistling or singing a song. I have a very broad taste in music. Influences include Ska and 2 Tone, Rockabilly, Rap, Heavy Rock, Punk, Funk, Soul, Prince, Indie, Dance and Garage! In the early 90’s I took an interest in being a DJ at the local Royal Air Force NAAFI Bop and since then have continued to DJ at various RAF entertainment functions, even Silent Discos!

My love of music continued when I joined a couple of bands playing heavy rock music. One day back in 1998 I heard the sounds from the Stray Cats coming out of a work tent and soon I was in my first rock n roll band with fellow comrade Pat Winn. In 2011 I joined Pats band ‘Run Devil Run (UK)’ playing rock n roll, Rockabilly and country. We had the pleasure of playing in iconic venues mostly around London including the legendary 12 Bar Club, The 100 Club, The Dublin Castle, The Spice Of Life and The Fiddlers Elbow. My greatest achievement with the band was going to Nashville in 2015 to play a number of gigs and record with legendary singer songwriter Buzz Cason (Everlasting Love). He’s worked with all the greats; James Brown, Carl Perkins, Kenny Rogers, the list goes on. While out in Nash, we even met Buzz’s good friend Billy Swan. An amazing experience I will never forget. The band have also supported the incredible 70s/80s band ‘Darts’ at the 100 Club 3 times. What an honour! I remember ‘Taping’ ‘Duke of Earl’ from the Top 40 when I was a kid. Hope they didn’t mind! ;) Our band also played gigs with Kasabian, Turin Brakes and Mark Lammar being in the audiences. Unfortunately The band split early this year but Pat and I are now writing songs so let’s see what happens. I also play in another Rock and Roll band ‘Sammy Jo and The Red Flames’ with unbelievable talent and have played many gigs in the South including the Brentwood Festival.

I have a few friends who have their own radio shows who keep introducing me to fantastic artists and music. I am really grateful to Alan (Straughton) for giving me this opportunity to be a radio presenter playing classic songs from established rock and roll / rockabilly / country artists and introducing new artists who are currently on the scene.

Let’s Rock…and roll!

Glenn Mitchell

Hi everybody, it’s a great pleasure and honour to be able to present my show to you, and be apart of Enjoy Radio, I certainly hope you enjoy listening to my show, hopefully there is something for everyone's musical tastes.

A little bit about myself, I’m a Liverpool lad but have spend most of my life travelling back and forth from Liverpool to North Wales. My family had catering business along the North Wales coast from many years. Eventually I moved and settled in North Wales and married a local Welsh girl we have three grown up boys, and are now proud grandparents.

For the past 10 years I have been a musician in a Beatles tribute band, and have had the greatest honour to have met a few of my all time heroes of the era, and in some cases even shared the stage with them.

I have a great love and respect for Sixties music and culture,

I enjoy collecting memorabilia from the era, and have a collection of authentic clothes and instrument’s from the period.

But it wasn’t always music that was my career though.

I am also a qualified nurse, working as a Cancer Nurse, for over 25 years.

Another of my hobbies is acting although started out as an amateur Thespian, I have been lucky to have had work on the TV in lots of stuff like ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Children’s Ward’ and a few films, I’ve worked for the BBC, S4C, Granada and Sky TV.

I enjoy music, playing guitar, cooking and drinking chilled White wine, I enjoy having friends over for dinner, so your always welcome at my home if bringing any of the above.

Hope you have fab fun listening in and please message me for any requests or just for a chat.

Lesley Atherton

Lesley Atherton is a writer (sometimes under the name, Meredith Schumann) and through her publishing company Words are Life/Scott Martin Productions, published her novel, ‘Life's a Mess... and Then You Die’ (about long-lost family, hoarding and alternative lifestyles). She has also published ‘Feet on the Table’ (her massive book of short stories and flash fiction), and ‘Conflict Management’ (her pocket-sized book of four novelettes).

In addition to editing and publishing around forty books for Words are Life/Scott Martin Productions, Lesley is an active member of writing and reading groups and also compiles the blog at www.wordsarelife.co.uk. Posts cover reviews, thoughts, writing advice, famous writers, fiction and terrible poetry, as well as guest blogs on any subject under the sun.

Lesley’s latest project is co-producing a writing-related podcast called ‘The Unpublishables: Where The Slushpile Hits Back’. It was originally supposed to be launched on 2nd January 2021, but COVID has delayed it. Anyway, fingers crossed for the future of that.

Lesley was a music lover from a very early age and took private lessons up to grade 8, but she fell out of love with classical music while taking her A level. Thankfully, her previous enjoyment of classical music was replaced by love of symphonic, progressive rock, acoustic music, and good music in all its forms.

Kev Brightside

I’m a 44 year old Horwich and Bolton DJ 23 years in the business with a rock/indie background. I’ve been playing Bolton’s favourite tunes for years and have worked for some of the best pubs and clubs in the area. I’ve been making radio shows(on tape) since I was a kid and now I get to do this for real!

I was the DJ for the roller skate disco at age 14 and things just took off from there really. I was the lead singer in a terrible band and I quickly realised I wanted to play music not make it. Ever since then I have been DJing in and around the Bolton & Wigan area.

Les Latham

Hi Everybody this is the first time that I have done anything like this,although talking has never been a problem for me!
I was born in Liverpool but moved to Birmingham when I was 8 which is were I grew up I currently live in Loughborough East Midlands
I have a wide taste in music and hope this is conveyed through my radio shows
My other passion in life is Motorsport and I have been fortunate to have worked all over the world in this profession I still work as a coach & mentor to young drivers and do all media related work for Jade Karts the number 1 kart racing team in the UK

Janette Fearon

Hi guys. I've been involved with music for over 22 years. I became a solo artist at the age of 21 and have recently formed my own band covering music from the 50s to the present day. My love of music started at a young age when I would buy the Smash Hits magazines and learned all the songs word for word. I live in Workington and I also work in Education. I enjoy a wide range of music, I'm bubbly, outgoing and a little bit nuts.

Marc Humphreys

I am a 27 year old radio presenter here at Enjoy radio, i was very nervous when i first started presenting as i had never done anything like this before. but after one or two recording it just become the norm. i am a fully qualified Door Supervisor on a weekend and also work with Special needs Children through the week. i Present on The All request Saturday show and then again on Sunday night with Sunday club

Brad Foskett

I’m a local entertainer and small business owner. I started out in the early 90’s DJ-ing at parties and pubs around Bristol and the south west moving onto doing karaoke. I then took a big jump to solely entertain people in local bars. The first lockdown hit everyone hard and to help out with keeping peoples mental well-being I started doing live feeds and singing once a week via Facebook. This led me striking up a friendship with Alan Straughton who asked me to be a guest host on his show, now we have a show together and the rest what they say is history.

James Cowan (Managing Director / IT / Admin)

Hiya, I’m James and I work behind the scenes of Enjoy Radio as MD. I look after our website, licencing, admin, IT and the streaming services which is used to let you listen to Enjoy Radio.

As well as Enjoy Radio, I also run an events business which we use to raise funds for many different charities, an online ticket selling website and a design and print service (as well as my full time job). I enjoy listening to a wide range of music genres while I am relaxing at home or while working in my home office, which is why I jumped at the chance of setting up and running Enjoy Radio. In my spare time (which there isn’t a lot of), I enjoy photography and DIY and I'm also a Mental Health First Aider.